Why Less is Sometimes More

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What Makes Simple Websites Better?

A simple website is visually appealing.

A simple website is often much more visually appealing than a complex one. This gives your visitors a clear idea of what the website is about at a glance, making them more likely to click through to learn more. It’s also easier for your visitors to trust a simple website because it’s clear that a professional company maintains the website without unnecessary text and jargon. This increases the amount of time visitors spend on your website, leading to higher conversion rates.

Simple websites load faster.

We've all experienced frustration with slow websites. Maybe it was a website that took forever to load or one that constantly froze or crashed. Whether it's your bank's website when you want to check your balance or an e-commerce site when you're about to make a purchase, the speed at which a website performs can impact the user experience. For many businesses, website speed is essential in determining whether customers will come back. But even if we're not browsing for fun, sometimes it's tough to be patient when a website takes too long to load.


Quote from Mihaela

When I started this website, I wanted it to be simple, informational and easy to navigate. I didn't want it to be a place where people get distracted by flashing lights and loud noises. I wanted it to be a quiet place where people could learn and grow. I wanted it to be a place that people could visit again and again.

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I'm a fullstack developer and course creator. I'm passionate about teaching real world coding skills to aspiring developers. I work as a Business Intelligence Design Lead and lead a website design / development company along with teaching coding skills to aspiring developers.


A simple layout is better for your website.

A simple layout will allow users to navigate your site easily. The navigation should be placed at the top and bottom of the page to keep users on the main page. The main content should also be placed on the main page so that users can navigate through it quickly. The background should also be simple so that users can focus on the content on the page.

Simple websites don’t distract visitors.

A simple website should empower visitors to take the next step in their journey. That's why we build simple websites focused on solving problems, not making ads. We design for the future, not the web of yesterday. It's also easier to navigate a website with a minimalistic approach. Giving people more choices makes them less likely to create one at all.

Simple web designs are always in trend.

Web design has evolved a lot in the past few years. Static pages are on their way out, and single-page apps are rising. But one thing hasn't changed much: simple designs that prioritise usability and accessibility. You don't need to update your website every year to keep up with the latest design trends.


However, other websites have a very different purpose and need to be complicated. They have lots of functionality, they do various things, and it’s impossible to organise everything to keep the website simple. My point is that these websites are just a few and far between. The vast majority of websites can be kept simple and really should be. It allows for the best design, best user experience and best result for your business.